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CBD products are flooding the market, and deciding which product to trust can be overwhelming.  CBD product labeling is not regulated, so it may be even more difficult to compare products.  It’s essential to make sure the CBD you use is the highest quality and is made by a reputable company.  Keep reading for six things to look for when choosing a top quality CBD oil.

1 – Extracted using supercritical CO2

To get usable CBD crude oil, solvents are used to extract the oils and related compounds out of hemp plant material.  The best CBD oils are extracted using supercritical CO2, which results in a clean and safe oil, free from residual solvents and additives.  CO2 gas undergoes high temperature and pressure to get to supercritical state. Supercritical CO2 meets the plant in an extraction vessel and breaks the trichomes, allowing it to dissolve part of the plant material. Any remaining CO2 will simply evaporate away, leaving only the high quality extracted oil behind. Avoid CBD oils made using chemicals like propane, butane, pentane, or hexane as they can leave behind dangerous contaminants.

2 – Produced with only hemp grown following organic practices

The hemp plant is well-known for readily absorbing everything from the soil it grows in.  This can be helpful for vitamins and minerals, but also harmful if there are lead, heavy metals, or toxic chemicals in the soil.  Reputable growers will test their soil and plants often, and reputable manufacturers will only use high-quality, 3rd party tested hemp for their extractions.  Look for CBD oils from manufacturers that are transparent about where they get their hemp and that are able to provide test results.

Bonus Tip – There is a lot of variety in hemp plants.  Consider choosing a brand that partners with one farm for all their hemp, to ensure your CBD oil product will be consistent each time you purchase it.

3 – Prices without the shock value 

High quality CBD is not cheap to make, so if the price seems too low, that may be a sign it’s made with poor quality raw materials, or has been contaminated by corner-cutting solvents.  The CBD content advertised may not match the actual content of the bottle.  Or the person making the oils may not be properly educated on the process for manufacturing high quality oils.

Beware of overpaying as well – there are an unfortunate number of companies who prioritize making a quick buck over consumer satisfaction and safety. You don’t have to buy the most expensive product on the market to be safe and satisfied.  Look for reasonable prices and favorable customer reviews, and most importantly, a company you feel you can trust.

4 – The product label tells you what’s in the bottle

CBD product labeling is not regulated, so consumers need to be extra diligent to know what they are buying.  Your CBD bottle label should list an amount of CBD per serving, ingredients list, manufacturer name and location, net weight, and suggested use. When making a purchase, be sure to recognize that some packaging will list the CBD content per piece or per dose, while others will list the total amount in the package.  Both are fine, but as a consumer, be sure you know what you’re buying.

5 – 3rd party test results are readily available

CBD product labeling is not regulated, so consumers need to look for independent test results to confirm the accuracy of product labels.  The most reputable companies will make these results public and post test results right on their website, or at a minimum, make them available upon request.  Test results for raw ingredients and hemp material should also be made available.  Most companies with consistently good results are so proud of them that they’ll make the reports easy to find.

6 – Full spectrum oils made from whole-plant extracts

CBD oil that is made from whole-plant extracts, also called full-spectrum oils, are generally considered to work better and be of higher quality than those made from CBD isolate.  Isolate CBD contains only CBD, and none of the accompanying minor cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids, that increase the efficacy of CBD absorption in the body.  Products made from CBD isolate can also be high quality, but consumers should be aware that extra processing of the CBD is needed to isolate it after the initial extraction.

Have questions?  Please reach out to the CBD by Design team! All of our products check all six of these important boxes.  Our mission is, and always will be, to be a trusted source of information to educate people about CBD products and potential benefits.

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