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This winter was L-O-N-G but we are finally seeing the sun, grass is starting to green, birds are chirping and we’re getting ready to break out of the house and get outside!  Adding CBD to your daily routine and activities can enhance your experience and ensure you enjoy your summer activities to the fullest. Whether your concern is sore muscles, mental focus, minimizing recovery time, or just general well-being, CBD’s potential for full body benefits has you covered!

Here are four activities you may have planned for the summer, and our recommendations for how CBD can accompany your favorite activity so you can enjoy it even more.


Working in the garden is a stress reliever for many folks this time of year, but hours bent over or crouched down can wreak havoc on your back and joints.  Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love!


Whether you hit the mountain bike trails for an adventure, or prefer a leisurely ride down the paved Interurban Trail, a long day of biking can take a toll on your body.  CBD can help you prepare, and recover, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.


Sometimes you just need to get outside and breathe in the fresh air and peaceful vibes of nature.  Here in WI, our County has some amazing areas for day hikes, and our state has countless breathtaking spots for longer hikes or overnight backpacking trips.  

Summer Sports

Your team is counting on you to give it your all, and you don’t want to be held back by pain, injuries or stress.  Grab your gear, and your CBD, and get ready to give 110% on the field, court, or course!

Wondering how else you can incorporate CBD into your specific activity this summer? Contact us for a free consultation (no obligation to purchase). Don’t forget to follow CBD by Design on Facebook for more info and updates.  Enjoy your summer adventure!

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