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My journey with CBD has been similar to that of many other people.  At first I was skeptical, and assumed CBD was “snake oil”….too good to be true….placebo effect….a fleeting trend fueled by novelty with no real possibility of results.  Fast forward to now, with years of research, significant personal results, and after hearing so many life-changing stories from other CBD users…I wish I could tell my past self, just try it!  Don’t waste anymore time without letting CBD help you!  You will feel so much better, mentally and physically!  

Let’s rewind and dig in…

I’m Mitchell – a scientist, a perfectionist and a problem solver.  My educational background is in geochemistry and geology from UW-Oshkosh.  From a young age, I have been constantly in pursuit of learning.  I am a lover of adventure, and have been known to take advantage of any opportunity to sleep outside under the stars.  Hiking, fishing, biking and exploring of any kind are my absolute favorite pastimes, especially when my son Carter is my adventure partner.

A few years ago, my wife started taking CBD and recommended it to me for anxiety and my chronic lower back pain.  I started to look into CBD and the brands available on the market, but finding out the details about what was happening behind the scenes was next to impossible.  The lack of transparency made me more curious, and I started doing my own research.  I learned everything I could about hemp, CBD, equipment, processes, regulations, and I realized my plan – since I wasn’t able to find another brand I could get behind, I was going to make my own CBD.  

After almost a year of planning, licensing, R&D, equipment selection and vetting out hemp suppliers, CBD by Design launched to the public in April 2020.  I had no idea when I started this project that it would evolve into a business that would be so impactful and fulfilling.  I’ve been so humbled by the opportunities to help people we know and love, and now even more so as we hear the stories of people who are trusting our brand and finding relief and results.

CBD by Design was founded on a few core principles that are vitally important to me, and ended up being a key driving factor of what sets us apart from other CBD brands on the market:

  • Product Control – Our oil is extracted in house and all our products are made in small hand-crafted batches.  We get our hemp from one farm, our trusted and valued partners at Meadow Mountain Hemp in Maryland, which ensures consistency of quality in every batch and bottle of CBDbD oil.
  • Integrity & Transparency – Many companies and brands have flooded the market and it’s hard to know who to trust.  We believe consumers need to have all the facts about what you are putting in or on your body, and need to know you can trust the person making these products.  Test results are published right on our website, and we will personally answer all your questions about our process and products. 
  • Personalized Customer Service – CBD works differently for everyone, so our brand is focused on personalization of the CBD experience.  We have different potencies of oil, several different types of products, and add-ons like flavors to completely customize your experience from start to finish.  We like to get to know our customers and hope to hear from you often. If you have questions, Melissa and I will be here when you need us.

I started this business because I am passionate about science and I wanted to see a CBD brand on the market that is driven by science and actual results rather than just marketing.  We love having the chance to help people.  Even if someone chooses not to buy CBD by Design products, our mission is (and always will be) being a trusted source of information to educate people about CBD products and potential benefits.

If you have questions, or for more information of any kind, drop us an email at, or contact us through our website.  You can also reach us via social media on Facebook or Instagram.  

We hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!

– Mitchell

Founder, CBD by Design

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