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CBD can be absorbed into your body multiple ways.  There is no “best way” to take CBD, and each person’s ideal CBD experience may be different.

Common methods for taking CBD include:

  • Sublingual (under the tongue)
  • Ingesting
  • Topical


Dropping CBD oil under your tongue allows it to be absorbed sublingually, or directly into your bloodstream via the tissue under your tongue.  Generally when taking CBD sublingually, you would dispense the oil under your tongue and hold it there for 15-30 seconds, after which it will be mostly absorbed.  Since it’s bypassing your digestive system and entering your bloodstream right away, the CBD will start working in about 15 minutes.

Keep in mind, the potency of your CBD oil will determine how large of a dose you will take.  If you are using a 3000mg potency oil, you will be taking 50mg of CBD in a half dropper (0.5ml dose), compared to an 840mg potency oil, where you will receive 14mg of CBD in that same half dropper dose.  Folks who do not like the feel of oil under their tongue may choose a higher potency oil to get more CBD with less oil.


Eating a CBD gummy, adding CBD to your coffee or tea, adding to food, or swallowing CBD oil are all ways you can take CBD by ingesting.  This method will take longer to work because the CBD travels through your digestive system to get into your bloodstream, but likely will last longer due to the length of time your body needs to process the CBD.  Ingested CBD should start working in 45-60 minutes after being taken.


Apply a product that contains CBD directly to your skin.  CBD will benefit your skin on the surface, but as long as you’re using a product formulated to penetrate the top layers of skin and get down into your soft tissue, you may also experience pain relief, reduced inflammation and easing of muscle tension.  CBD will not enter your bloodstream when applied topically, and the CBD will generally start working within 5-15 minutes.

Combining multiple methods may give you a better result, and we generally recommend trying different dosages and application methods until you discover the “sweet spot” of what works best for you. For instance, for pain relief, you may choose to use CBD topically where it hurts for localized pain relief, and also sublingually to get into your bloodstream to experience internal pain relief benefits.

Have a question about using CBD?  Contact us anytime…we are here to help!

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