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Many pet owners are recognizing the possible benefits of giving CBD to their furry family members. CBD has been touted as having anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief capabilities, and many studies are even investigating the role of CBD in preventing cancer cell growth. Multiple studies have found CBD to reduce stress and ease anxiety, and in pets this can have many applications.

Choosing to try CBD for your pet is a big decision, and selecting a brand to trust is even more complex. How do you find reliable information to help guide your decision? How do you know you are getting the highest quality product for your furry family member? CBD by Design can help you get past both of those potential roadblocks.

What sets CBD by Design Pet Drops apart from other brands of pet CBD products?


Our products are exclusively made from whole plant hemp that is grown following organic practices, from clean soil, and high in CBD content.  Full spectrum oil includes the full profile of minor cannabinoids along with the CBD, which results in more effective absorption into the body. Many pet products available on the market, especially those available from Amazon or large chain stores, may be made from “hemp seed oil”, which is simply not as effective as CBD extracted from hemp flower and whole plant hemp.

Clean Extraction Process

Our extraction process uses only the natural power of CO2, and unlike most other extraction methods, is COMPLETELY FREE of harmful additives and solvents.  

Third Party Tested

Knowing what’s actually in your bottle is the most important element of purchasing a CBD product, especially when we are giving it to our pets.  Even a small amount of heavy metals or residual solvents in the product could negatively affect a small pet, so doing your research to select a top quality product is critical. We test our hemp, MCT oil, and extracted oil batches before bottling our product.  All the hemp used in CBDbD products comes from a single farm with a 100-year history of no pesticides or heavy metals in their soil, which means no chance of heavy metals or toxins in our products. Our pet products are the same top quality as our human products, because we would never give something to our pets that we wouldn’t use on ourselves. All of these test results are available on our website, and are even accessible by scanning the code on the bottom of every bottle.

Manufactured by Us

Our products are made in-house utilizing only our own oil, produced in a proper laboratory environment, with maximum control over cleanliness and integrity of the processes.  Many consumers may be unaware that some brands are just marketers, buying bulk oil and repackaging it with no knowledge of the source.  Everything that happens to turn our raw hemp into a finished bottle of CBD oil happens in our labs, under our rigorous standards. If you have any questions, contact us and you can speak directly to the person who formulates, manufactures and packages all our products — now that is extraordinary customer service!

Tried by Our Family First

Our product line has been formulated for maximum CBD benefits, and our friends and family (including our pets) have helped with the testing and development process.  Nothing hits the shelves until our loved ones have tried it and approved!

Our family pup Odin – adventure lover, and former anxiety sufferer, now a happy daily user of CBD!

If you have any questions about CBD for your pets, please reach out to us. We love talking about CBD and its potential benefits, and we would love to hear about your pet and how we can help!

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